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If you’re weary of searching through numerous slips of paper stuffed everywhere or random file folders, it’s time to enter the digital age. Storing and finding all of your receipts, as well as organizing them into expense reports with few approval levels, is much easier if you turn paper into digital files. Going digital will enable you to easily locate receipts by conducting a search based on keywords.

My favorite features of expense management software are:

✅Receipts are captured by email, scan, text, smartphone camera, direct feed from some merchants.
✅OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature scans uploaded receipts and identifies fields that are most important for your records: receipt date, supplier, gross amount, province, and sales tax. The supplier history is used to classify expenses by categories.
✅Credit Card transactions are automatically imported, matched with uploaded receipts and classified into expense categories
✅Full integration with accounting systems like Quick Books. All transactions are transferred to General Ledger with account numbers, receipt dates, suppliers, gross amount, province, and sales tax data.
✅Multi-level approval and bill payment capability

Below are some of the more popular expense management platforms that support features above:

👉🏻Quick Books Online have built in expense management features
👉🏻Zoho Expense
👉🏻Concur Travel and Expense

Please call us to discuss which option will suit your business